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September 25, 2018 Home Furniture

U Shaped Couch in Innovative Ideas

Hi guys! Do you have small room but you want to put u shaped couch? Check this out and get inspiration! The few meters that have made ​​our homes we should make the most of the available space. In the case of living, everything revolves around the sofa. From there’ll television, shelves and other ancillary items.

If you are looking to get a lot out this room you have to assess primarily shape and size of sofa. We give you the keys so that you choose the sofa more appropriate depending on u shaped couch of the room:

  • The opposing sofas are recommended for broad square rooms. The decor is achieved is very harmonious, and provides a sense of order. It is designed for families who make gatherings in living room and receive visits regularly.
  • To put u shaped couch, you need a lot of space where we can place chaise-longue, sofas and ottomans. In case you do not want excess recharge can choose backless seats.
  • The sofa and two armchairs on the sides are designed for those small living rooms or diagonal walls that do not allow us to place a second sofa. The joint should have a U-shaped ‘open to get a sense of movement.
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The u shaped couch is sleek, modern, and practical and there are really thousands of models. Before choosing a nice couch in the shape of “U”, it is important to calculate the amount of space you have available in your home to place a couch of this kind. The couches with this type of form in fact, require a lot of space both in length and in width and are therefore suitable for large living rooms, living rooms or lounges.

You can buy u shaped couch in various types of tissue. In fact there are varied types of fabrics or leather that can marry perfectly with the style and design of your home or your classic modern city apartment. There are also leather couches, leather, faux leather or canvas. The colors are really numerous and changing.

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There are couches in the shape of “U” with bright colors and lively perfect for environments in style pop art and the soft colors suitable for most homes and vintage chic. The u shaped couch are very comfortable even for those who have an extra bed in the house, because they lend themselves to form sort of bed comfortable enough to offer to your guests at the last minute and therefore are really comfortable.

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