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August 7, 2018 Interior

To Wall Mounted TV Stand

Some houses are built with wall studs steel instead of wood. This can add a challenge if you want to wall mounted TV stand, because the blocks are hollow rather than solid wood poles. It is still possible can hang the TV to the wall, but you have to use special fasteners rather than those that come with the installation kit frame.

Mark the points for the screw holes of the wall mounted TV stand using a pen, pencil or marker. Holes in the wall where the screw holes of the mount are going; and standard drill bits work as well as wood with a wooden beam. Use goggles to protect against any possibility of metal shavings. Insert the thumb screws into the holes of the mounting bolts. The wings will be closed as they move through the holes and open once they are clear to the other side. Insert the screws into the holes in the wall, making sure that the wings point upwards and downwards once they are inside the stud. Pull back on the mountain to keep the wings of the wheel bolts and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Install the wall mounted TV stand.

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