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September 3, 2018 Outdoor Furniture

Recover Patio Chaise Outdoor Lounge Cushions

Outdoor lounge cushions – Patio chaise outdoor lounge cushions become worn. Overall the furniture frames are in good condition, but the pillows are just not attractive. Purchased pillows can be expensive, and a large part of the time that the color or pattern that will work with the ideas that are not available in mind. Visit store nearest tissue and pick out a good useful substance, especially if the substance is on sale.

How to Recover Patio Chaise outdoor lounge cushions, Examine the old patio chaise lounge cushion. The foam or the filling in good condition? If not measure the pillow and the purchase of new foam or filler. Regular foam may be used as the cushions are introduced. Measure the old chaise outdoor lounge cushions to determine the yardage required. Create a pattern of old pillow newspaper. Leave 1/2 inch on all sides for the seam allowance. Measure the length of the old tapes and record it.

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Cut new foam by means of the newspaper pattern. Cut the fabric painted with the pattern. Cut fabric for tires. Sew the seams of the fabric, leaving open one end for filling and turn to the good side. Sew the straps and attach to the cushion cover with the same position as the old cushion. Stuff the pillow into the pillowcase and attach the Velcro opening. Attach to the frame with chaise outdoor lounge cushions tires.

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