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August 6, 2018 Outdoor Furniture

Paint Heb Outdoor Furniture

Heb outdoor furniture – Metal furniture can experience severe weather conditions that result in rust or pale color. It is easy to paint metal furniture, as long as you remove rust or chipping paint first. Exterior paint protects the metal furniture from the elements and prevents the metal from rust. Store the furniture indoors during the winter also prevents wear.

Remove the cushions from Heb outdoor furniture. Set them aside. Scrub off any rust spots with a wire brush. If the furniture is already a layer of paint, check for chipped areas. Sand them down with fine sandpaper until the spots are smooth and there are no sharp edges. Wipe the furniture to remove any dust. Rinse the cloth. Wipe the furniture again to remove soap residue. Wipe the piece with a dry, lint-free cloth. Move the furniture to a shady spot. Sit it on top of pieces of cardboard to protect your patio.

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Fill a paint tray with an exterior primer. Paint entire surface of the piece of furniture with an outer layer of primer using a small brush. Allow it to dry according to the directions on the paint container. Rinse the paint tray and let it drain-dry while the primer dries. Open a can of exterior metal paint and stir with a paint stirrer. Paint entire surface of the Heb outdoor furniture with the outer metal color. Allow it to dry according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Add another coat of paint is not dark enough.

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