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How to Repair Bamboo Patio Furniture

August 23, 2018 Bamboo Furniture

Paint Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

Bamboo outdoor furniture – Bamboo is a durable, renewable material, making it ideal for use in furniture production. The long stems are associated with Asian cultures, even if it is cultivated worldwide for use as privacy hedges, and in the production of outdoor and indoor furniture. By time and exposure to the weather, the color of your bamboo rattan furniture starts to chip and fade, requiring a new coat of paint. Prepare bamboo furniture properly to ensure that the paint adheres and stand up against the rain and wind.

How to paint bamboo outdoor furniture; scrape off remaining paint with a wire brush or plastic scraper. Rub off the paint with either tool, paying careful not to damage the bamboo. Wipe the bamboo cane piece with a damp cloth to remove any remaining paint particles and dust. Let the piece dry completely before proceeding. Apply a thin coat of oil-based primer with a natural bristle brush. Use a large brush to cover the majority of the play and a finer brush to paint the nooks and crannies.

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Apply a thin coat of exterior oil-based spray paint to bamboo outdoor furniture. Shake the spray paint can in 30 seconds and hold it 10 to 12 inches away from the play, apply the paint in even, back and forth movements. Let the first layer of spray paint to dry completely. Examine the piece and sand away any drips or uneven coverage with fine sandpaper. Apply a second and third light coating of spray paint to the bamboo piece.

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