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Outdoor Torches Design Ideas

Outdoor torches have been used since 2000 BC to provide light in outdoor stage, to light the road or to drive away dangerous animals. Since man first advantage fire, he has used torches. Modern torches have a fuel storage area and are rechargeable. These torches are a great improvement over weed or shells tied and dipped in tone tree or melted animal fat.

Outdoor torches citronella oil mixture with kerosene saves money and extends the life of the wick. Citronella is highly effective against mosquitoes and everyone used to deter these pests annual summer. Essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of the plant citronella, citronella oil is a popular organic insect repellent and has been recorded for this application Environmental Protection Agency of the United States since the late 40. Most outdoor torches are designed and intended to burn citronella oil.

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Copper gas tiki outdoor torches are popular for gardens or patios. They are mounted on sturdy posts that can be easily moved on. They have a safe gas canister lasts a long time and provides a constant supply and. Permanently installed landscape lighting decorative torches often incorporates natural gas or propane fuel. Gas torches offer the convenience of instant-on and simple maintenance.

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