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August 12, 2018 Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Design

Outdoor ceiling fan with light – For a porch that is inviting and comfortable in the summer, consider hanging a ceiling fan there. Each exterior ceiling that may have a fan instead of installing an outdoor ceiling fan with light, connected with the fan in the same electrical box and controlled by the same wall switch. It is the same process as the installation of an interior fan, though the fan itself is specialized, with corrosion-resistant materials. Do not install in interior ceiling fan outside.

Turn off the power to the fuse box to the outdoor ceiling fixture. Remove the old fixture, if any, by holding the closing of the screws on the ceiling.  Locate the mounting plate that came with your outdoor ceiling fan with light. It will be a strip or plate of metal with screw holes in it. Make the electrical cabinet to the ceiling by drawing up the screw holes in the plate for the screw holes in the box and insert the screws. The threads of the box should still be visible around the mounting plate.

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Bring your fan unit on the ladder and put it on the top of the ladder, near the electrical box. Connect the white wire from the outdoor ceiling fan with light to the white wire from the switch; running the wire ends together a wire hood over both. Connect the black wire from the outdoor ceiling fan with light to the black wire from the box in the same way. If you can have blue wire, attach the blue wire with the black wires. Keep the fan to the box. Turn on the power and test the outdoor ceiling fan with light.

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