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September 1, 2018 Garden Furniture

New Cast Iron Garden Furniture

Cast iron garden furniture is a very common material in the use of outdoor furniture manufacturing, due to its high strength and the rustic touch that brings to the environment. When the furniture is in perfect condition, nothing happens… But with the passage of time some crack in the first layer, prepared for external agents, will happen and there you can shed moisture, filter the water and so on.

Since we do not want our furniture to start rusting, we will try to take care of them! Now, to clean the cast iron garden furniture the first thing that we must do is to remove all that is not of iron like cushions, cushions, backs..  The first thing we will do is give a primer that they sell at any paint shop, but this time we need wrought iron primer.

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Assuming your furniture is clean of rust and rust, we began to paint – with specific paint for cast iron garden furniture¬†Choose the color you like and try to give one or two layers, you can use brush or roller according to what you need … and your furniture as new! As you see it is a fairly simple way to do it and they look great. Then if you need it, you can re-paint the furniture or change the color to a more current one.

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