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September 21, 2018 Home Furniture

Mid Century Dresser Ideas

As the eighteenth century political landscape changed, so did the fashion of women rich in England and Western Europe. Mid century dresser and luxurious dresses with waists and voluminous skirts close early and mid-eighteenth century were out of fashion by the end of the century when a simpler and stylized silhouette became the rage. In the first two decades of the eighteenth century, women’s dresses in Western Europe and the American colonies consisted of a loose robe or manta inspired by the outfit of clothing.

By mid-century, the silhouette of dresses and mid century dresser for day changed again. Frames skirts flattened in front and back and wide skirts peaked, sometimes wider than the width of the user’s outstretched arms. Petticoat dresses became narrower in 1760, encircling the waist, rather than the shorter armed wide and long skirts to the floor trusses, and then another with type basket over hips began using.

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In the 1770s, when the emancipation and freedom approached, mid century dresser and fashions became simpler. The huge skirts went out of fashion and the British coat (“an l’anglaise”) gained popularity. The skirt of the gown was shorter than petticoats, which are held in large folds on the back, a style of dress known as Polish.

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