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September 27, 2018 Interior

Making an Silk Floral Arrangements

An arch in the garden will look better any occasion. The top of the arch can be made ​​with fresh or silk floral arrangements. The arrangement needs to have a balance of flowers, greenery and ribbon. Choose colors that complement your decor. The top can be done with three identical or different size classes. Decide what type and color of flowers using. Roses, lilies and daisies are popular choices. The cloud is often used as filler. Choose flowers of different sizes. Cover the sponge with floral tulle to help hold the flowers in place the blocks near each.

Tied with ribbon or wire, flower blocks arc shape you prefer. Floral sponge sprayed with water. No soak your sponge blocks. With sharp scissors or a peeling tool, cut two or three inches (5.08 to 7.63 cm) of the flower stems below the silk floral arrangements. The stems should be cut at an angle to be inserted easily into the sponge and absorb more water.

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Starting silk floral arrangements with the largest flower, the part that you cut inserted into the floral foam securely holding the stem. Fill the spaces between flowers with smaller flowers and cloud. Add ferns or grasses on the outer edges.

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