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August 28, 2018 Wood Furniture

Maintenance Wood Embellishments for Furniture

Wood embellishments for furniture – Maintenance wood embellishments for furniture can do with soap-treated and untreated. This is by with wiping must be done with clean, dry cotton cloth. Dirty surfaces can be cleaned with a soap solution made of 1/4 dl soap flakes to 1 liter of warm water. Let it cool till lukewarm. Never use soft soap. Immediately remove the soap residue with a clean, dry cloth. The soap helps to protect the wood embellishments for furniture.

End grain must not “suck”; it may only be easily wiped. Untreated wood embellishments cannot be wet for a long time, dry immediately after. Back and undersides should also be treated, otherwise the top might “settle”. Grease stains that do not disappear by benzene. Once the wood embellishments for furniture have been treated in this manner, the fibers may rise slightly. Lightly along the grain with fine sandpaper no. 220. Do not use steel wool (provides rust stains)?

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Untreated furniture should be of teak wood to stand out. The tree will have a silver-gray color over time. Other precious wood embellishments for furniture must be treated with wood oil or other protection to withstand standing in the garden. Wood Oil will retain the color of teak. Must have furniture treated, it should occur before it is made out. Then cleaned and reprocessed annually.

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