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August 27, 2018 Home Furniture

Kidney Shaped Desk for Office

Kidney shaped desk – Currently, employee well-being is an important issue, since it is considered essential to the working environment and productivity factor. For this reason, companies increasingly more attention to the aesthetic aspects conducive to the mood of the workers is paid.

Decoration kidney shaped desk for office, in this trend care offices have found that the use of plants is a key factor. Today it is thought that not only decorates the office, but also improves air quality and the lack of attention and nervousness, creating an ideal environment for the organism to which employees respond with greater productivity.

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A recent study by the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, England, indicates that plants generate sense of well being, reduce stress and increase the concentration of people when working or studying. Kidney shaped desk for office, According to this research, in places decorated with plants both environmental quality, such as physical and psychological health of people it is better.

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