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August 26, 2018 Kitchen Backsplash

IKEA Kitchen Backsplash Style

One area that you can show your style is the backsplash. Consider several ideas to individualism and make unique IKEA kitchen backsplash. Create a back panel that you and members of your household can write with chalkboard paint. To apply this paint, start with a smooth, clean surface. Use even strokes, making sure the paint goes smoothly. Once the paint has dried, take a piece of chalk and rub it on the surface of the painting, allowing you to sit for a few minutes before erasing, helping to prepare the surface for writing and ensures that which is written in the paint does not leave a permanent impression.

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Bring the beach to your kitchen with this creative IKEA kitchen backsplash. If you live near the beach, you can collection of stars and gather shellfish. If you do not live near the beach, you can buy these items from a craft store, along with crystal stones, specifically applied to the walls. While the concrete is still wet, press the shells, starfish and glass pebbles on the walls, once the concrete has dried, sealed with a water-based sealant. You will be transported to the beach every time you look at IKEA kitchen backsplash.

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