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August 19, 2018 Wood Furniture

How To Make Burl Wood Furniture

How To Make Burl Wood Furniture – A spruce burl is an excellent growth on a spruce tree that is caused by illness or an injury that does not necessarily kill the tree. Burls can distinctive grain patterns that make them ideal to use for veneers, inlays, to produce make art objects and furniture. Burls can grow on both the branches and the trunk of a tree. A spruce branch burl generally has more color and interesting grain markings than one strain burl.

Instructions to make burl wood furniture, measuring six centimeters above and below the burl on the trunk or branch. Mark your measurements with a crayon. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris. Cut through the entire branch or fallen tree trunk with a chainsaw to remove the burl. Cut the burl in paste as to remove it too big of the tree in its entirety. Remove any small branches with a chain saw or handsaw.

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Next steps to make burl wood furniture, place burl in a dry place so that it will dry slowly. Cut the burl into smaller pieces with a chainsaw if you want to speed up the drying process. Mount spruce burl on a lathe and turning the head and tail screws on the lathe. Turn on the lathe. Remove the bark from the burl light by holding a wooden chisel against the burl while the lathe rotates. Rough out the shape you want with wood chisels while the lathe continues to run or remove the burl of the lathe and use the saw to cut it into pieces. Sand the burl with fine grit sandpaper to remove unwanted chisel marks. End the burl pieces by applying stain and sealer with a paintbrush. Apply a thin layer of beeswax with a brush as you like, and gloss burl to a high gloss with a cloth.

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