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August 29, 2018 Wood Furniture

How to Clean Composite Wood Furniture

Composite wood furniture – Known for its environmental sustainability and uniform strength, composite wood furniture an affordable alternative to solid wood. Composite wood furniture is of fiber fillers, recycled plastics and reconstituted wood with a wood veneer surface. Ebony veneer gives composite furniture a dark, exotic looks. As with solid wood, attracts black composite wood furniture surface dust, lint and dirt, which makes home unhealthy and aesthetically pleasing. Regular maintenance protects the composite wooden surfaces built from the ground in order to preserve its beauty. You can clean the black composite wood furniture with simple household items.

Wipe a soft, lint-free cloth over the composite wood furniture to eliminate all dust particles. Fold the fabric with each stroke to prevent redistribution of dust to the surface. Added to a mild solution for cleaning furniture. In a bucket, mix one qt. warm water with 1 tbsp. of mild liquid laundry soap until the foam form.

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Dampen another soft, lint-free cloth in the detergent solution. Turn the fabric to release any excess water. Wipe the soapy cloth over the wood surface to remove oily fingerprints stains and dirt. Fold the cloth frequently to prevent transmission of dirt back on wood. Saturate the third soft, lint-free cloth with warm water. Squeeze out the water to make the cloth damp. Wipe composite wood furniture with a damp cloth to rinse off the soap.

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