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August 10, 2018 Home Decor

Fabulous Ceiling Medallions Ideas

When remodeling occurs in a house usually stays the ceiling white. Decorating ceiling medallions will change the look and feel of the room. A ceiling is a major part of a chamber and deserves attention. The room decor and color scheme to consider when deciding how to remodel your ceiling.

Brighten a dull ceiling by installing a ceiling medallion. According to the website of this old house, medallions highlight your light fixtures and chandeliers and improve your molding. When deciding to install ceiling medallions, think outside the box. You can install more than one in a row.

Install paneling on the ceiling. Paneling comes in a variety of species, including the plywood, solid wood and tongue-and-groove. A paneled ceiling creates a cottage or rustic feeling in the room where it is installed. Consider different shades of wood for your room.

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Painting your ceiling medallions does not need to install. Buy ceiling paint in the color of your choice, a drop cloth, brush and roller. The size of your room to take into account when you choose your paint. Normally, dark paint creates an illusion of a small room, while light paint creates an illusion of a larger room to.

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