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September 8, 2018 Home Furniture

Easy Diy Bunk Bed with Futon

Bunk bed with futon is very useful furniture combination. It is even possible to build futon bunk beds so you have a sofa / bed on bottom and another bed on top. While futon bunk can be purchased already built, you can build separate futons every second.

  1. Take two sets futon, preferably two that are exactly alike. Measuring length, width and thickness of each piece of wood from which head and foot end, especially width and thickness of posts.
  2. Drill holes in headwaters and big enough to temper bolts that came with bunk bed with futon frames.
  3. Fit headboards and footboards frames with nuts and bolts. If poles they use are thicker than original positions futon, you may need longer than original bolts, but should be same width.
  4. Make sure bunk bed with futon frames are firmly attached to headboards and footboards. Check that bolts are fastened tightly and not waving around frame. This is especially true of top bunk.
  5. Create a ladder to access top bunk. It may be better to set this scale to headboard or footboard to hold it in place. (Since metal frame is probably connect there is not likely.)
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