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August 12, 2018 Home Decor

Dazzling Art Frameless Wall Mirror

A plane mirror hanging frameless wall mirror may seem bland, as if hung like an afterthought. There are many ways to decorate a plain mirror without a frame to make it look like a dazzling piece of art.

Paint something on it

You can paint designs on a plane frameless wall mirror using acrylic paints and art brushes. Draw a sketch for your design on it first with a dry erase marker, then paint. Place a pattern in mirror and spray with acrylic spray paint.

You put some window clings is

Decorative clings are not just for holiday window decorations more. Window clings come in many shapes, sizes fashion, styles and colors to complement your home decor. You can order flowers, butterflies, animals or celestial symbols to give your style a little mirror.

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Paste something that is

With a hot glue gun, you can stick your mirror small items to give an elegant look. Glue dried herbs, silk leaves, flowers or ribbons directly on frameless wall mirror to create a wreath around it. Stick a frame of sea shells, sea glass or precious stones crafts around edges. Paste something unexpected around it, like old CDs or antique kitchenware. Make lines of glue and sprinkle with colored sand.

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