Save Energy With Double Glazing

These days, conserving energy has become important for many homeowners, and buyers looking for a new home. Energy saving bulbs, and more efficient appliances are more popular than ever, and solar energy is also increasingly popular with UK homeowners.

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Lower Energy Bills

However, double glazing is one of the most efficient ways of saving energy, and whether you are installing new windows in Solihull or Swindon, this easy addition can potentially save you a lot. Double glazing windows provide an insulated layer between the two panes of glass, meaning that the cold air is kept out, and the warm air is kept inside your home. You won't need to have your heating on for as long as you do now, and installing double glazing can often save you up to 60 percent on your energy bills. Most homeowners can recoup the cost of installing their new windows within just a few years.

Noise Reduction

That same layer of insulation can keep out noise just as effectively as it can keep the cold out. If you live on a main road, next to a noisy school playground or under the airport flight path, double glazed windows can make a big difference. The annoying sound of noisy late night parties at the house across the road or your neighbour mowing the lawn early on a Sunday morning should be a thing of the past. Double glazed windows are also a lot easier to maintain than traditional windows, and any repairs tend to cost less than you might think.

Add Value to Your Home

Professionally installed double glazing can add value to your home, making it easier to get closer to the asking price if you sell it. The energy efficient rating of a home is just as important to a potential buyer as the home's location or square footage, and a home with a higher rating of an A or B is much more likely to sell than a lower rated home. If you live in an area where homes are basically alike, having double glazed windows in your home can give you a definite advantage over other similarly priced homes nearby. And there is no doubt that double glazing just looks better too, and if your windows are showing their age with peeling paint and loose frames, it may be time for this affordable yet highly cost effective addition to your home.